Why Sell Celtic Medical Insurance Coverage?  

        Medical Insurance Coverage


        We're Your Partner in Selling Individual Health Insurance Online!


        Why Sell Celtic? Quality medical insurance coverage that's easy to sell.

        Celtic offers medical insurance coverage for individuals meeting a wide variety of needs. It's easy to sell our superior individual health care plans because they are designed around what your clients are looking for in a health plan: affordable rates, flexible plan options, low copays, Rx drug coverage and more. And since your clients depend on you to help them meet their insurance needs, you can depend on Celtic to provide your clients with financial protection against the rising costs of health care. Learn more about Celtic's commitment to providing your clients with low cost individual health insurance.  



        Why Sell Celtic? Tools to help you sell individual health insurance online.

        If you sell individual health insurance online, you can boost your business with Celtic's e-commerce tools. Matching each client with the right Celtic medical insurance coverage is as easy as visiting your Agent WebLink URL where you can quote, compare plans and apply for coverage. Tracking your online business is convenient with your Agent Portal, too. Learn more about the tools that make selling Celtic health insurance online easy!  Plus, our website offers you a wealth of resources including health insurance sales tools and your source for learning how to sell Celtic's individual health insurance plans in the Agent Learning Center.



        Why Sell Celtic? Personalized sales support.

        What's more, you can also talk to a dedicated District Sales Manager for one-on-one personal support through the sales process. Call 1-800-477-7990 to learn more about how your District Sales Manager can help you sell!   


        Are you a new agent? Become a Celtic agent today and start selling Celtic's individual health plans!