Independent Health Insurance Agents 

        Independent Health Insurance Agents

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        Welcome, independent health insurance agents! If you're new to selling Celtic’s individual health plans, you are sure to have many questions. You’ve come to the right place for Celtic appointment papers and to learn about Celtic’s commitment to independent health insurance agents like you.


        Selling Celtic's individual health plans is a terrific way to build your business. Not only is it a great door-opener, but it’s a great cross-selling product. Your clients need your help to make informed, comfortable decisions. Celtic is here to support you through the process.


        Celtic’s focus is individual health insurance—it’s our main line of business. When you work with us, you’re working with industry experts who are able to give you the most up-to-date information and provide you with the most competitive individual health plans in the industry.


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        When it comes to Agent service, what sets Celtic apart from the competition is our team of District Sales Managers. Your District Sales Manager is your personal, primary contact at Celtic. As a product expert, he or she is your source for all of your pre-sale needs, and can be reached at 1-800-477-7990 during regular business hours. Or, send an e-mail to our sales team: Include your name and contact information and a District Sales Manager will contact you without delay.


        Celtic Insurance Company has made individual health its sole focus and is committed to the future of its growing market offering high-quality health plans fit a variety of health care needs and budgets. Celtic is financially stable and stands behind agents—making it easy for you to sell.


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